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The BAS Group is your external warehouse, your distributor in the Benelux and your transport company for shipments destined for Italy and France and your freight forwarder for all other European countries. As a supply-chain engineer, BAS optimises your logistics. As an all-round logistics service provider, it makes life easier for you and also generates the following six benefits for you:
1. Focus

Time to focus on your core activities

You excel in trade or production, leaving us to excel in our field of expertise: logistics. By outsourcing logistics activities, you gain peace of mind, knowing that:

  • you don’t have to worry about resources, equipment or manpower;
  • logistics cease to be an afterthought for you and become our main priority instead;
  • you are free to concentrate on the areas in which your company’s strengths lie;
  • your service provision and logistics both get the attention they deserve.
2. Flexibility

Customised services

You are outsourcing all or some of your logistics activities to us, in phases or all at once. Your wishes and needs determine the nature and extent of the logistics services we provide. Does your need for services fluctuate because of seasonal influences? Does this need escalate as we approach public holidays? We are pleased to be able to offer a flexible storage-space, manpower and transport solution to customers that have a fluctuating need for pallet places and order-processing capacity.

3. Efficiency

Optimising the logistics chain

You can rely on an efficient, well-organised and effective logistics chain. Because we often provide customers with a number of logistics services, we ensure that all of our technical and operational activities are perfectly coordinated, from storage through to delivery. We use smart ICT like warehouse and transport management systems (WMS/TMS), EDI and the DigiCMR app to manage, steer and optimise your logistics chain.

4. Expertise

A front runner in innovative logistics

With 35 years of logistics experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of the sectors and countries in which we operate, including (local) legislation and regulations. We have all of the relevant quality certificates too (including ISO 9001, ISO 22000, SQAS and TAPA). We critically monitor developments in the (transport) world and are often one of the first companies to introduce innovations: ranging from on-board computers and Smart Modal Solutions to DigiCMR.

5. Cost savings

A number of financial advantages

You profit from rates that are more competitive, because we buy resources, materials and services in bulk. Your fixed overheads are replaced with flexible costs. If the number of orders or pallet places grow, you pay more; if they fall, you pay less. You no longer need to invest in vans and space but are free to invest your money elsewhere. Last but not least, you transfer your financial risks to us.

6. Checks

Real-time insight into performance

Are you finding it difficult to let go of your logistics operations? This will soon change when you see how much information you receive from us. You will find that you have an even better insight and are more in control than you are now. An EDI connection links you to our WMS and TMS, which show your stock levels, goods flows and shipment statuses online and real-time. Regular CPI reports keep you up-to-date on our logistics performance.

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