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If your order volumes fluctuate, you have a shortage of pallet places or your warehouse operations are inefficient, our flexible warehousing solution will give you the space, resources, manpower and warehousing services you need at any given time. We offer you customised warehousing, geared towards your current situation.
Hassle-free warehousing

Logistical gains in six areas

Ensuring that your warehouse is organised and laid out effectively is an art in itself. Warehouse operations take up a lot of time every day too. By outsourcing them, you stand to gain in six different areas: focus, flexibility, efficiency, expertise, cost savings and checks. You have one less aspect of logistics to worry about and your logistics operations become stronger and more profitable.

Hassle-free logistics
Warehouse concepts and services

Customised warehousing

We are always happy to advise you on which combination of concepts and services would be best for your organisation.

Warehouse concepts

  • Warehouse concepts
  • Chemical warehousing
  • Conventional warehousing
  • Food warehousing
  • Bonded warehousing
  • High secure warehousing
  • Dedicated warehousing
  • Multi-user warehousing
  • Multi-site warehousing
  • In-house warehousing

Warehouse services

  • Inbound, storage, outbound
  • Order picking
  • Piece picking
  • Crossdocking
  • VAL activities*
  • Returns processing
  • Spare-part management
  • Physical and administrative tasks
  • Stock and order management

* VAL: which includes labelling, repacking, sealing and assembling

BORG class 4 certified against theft

Our warehouse locations

All our warehouses are BORG certified in the highest security class (class 4) and provide a total storage space of approximately 50,000 m2:

  • Etten-Leur – 17,000 m2
  • Roosendaal – 20,000 m2
  • Roosendaal – 9,000 m2 (PGS15 certified)
  • Cambiago, Italy – 1,500 m2
"BAS takes care of us and our customers too"
When we found that we needed more warehouse space with full logistics capabili-ties, we decided to invite companies to submit tenders. BAS Logistics was the best. Since then, the company has been very helpful to us and can always be relied on to look for solutions. Punctuality, accuracy and customer-friendliness are several rea-sons why Petronas opted for BAS. It has helped us become a more flexible organisa-tion. BAS takes care of us and our customers too.
Albina Salmaeva Logistics Coordinator | Petronas Lubricants
PGS15 certified for ADR storage

Chemical warehousing

One of our two warehouses in Roosendaal is PGS15 certified and able to store hazardous substances from all of the ADR classes, with the exception of the classes below. The five separate, temperature-controlled compartments facilitate the simultaneous storage of hazardous substances from a number of ADR classes.

  • X ADR 3 with packaging group I
  • X ADR 4.1 with classification codes D, DT and SR2
  • X ADR 4.2 with packaging group I
  • X ADR 4.3 with classification code SW
  • X ADR 4.3 it is not demonstrated that the extinguisher system is suitable
  • X ADR 5.1 with classification codes OF, OS, OW and O3
  • X ADR 5.2
  • 24/7 real-time insight

You will barely notice that your stock is being held in an external warehouse at all. All our warehouse locations are equipped with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that supports all your warehouse activities: Inbound, storage and outbound, cross-docking, VAL, RF scanning, order picking and invoicing. EDI interfaces are used to quickly and easily connect up your internal systems to our WMS, which guarantees you transparent and accessible data exchange and up-to-the-minute information about the status of your orders, stock levels and goods flows 24/7.


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