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Update on the coronavirus – 27 March

Thumbnail Update on the coronavirus – 27 March 27 Mar 2020

In France, a decree with (temporary) measures has been in force since 14 March 2020. On 20 March, the decree was expanded with several additional measures. Article 7 of the decree has been extended to include measures directly related to the carriage of goods:

  • The delivery and signature of the consignment note is done without contact between people;
  • Delivery is done at the place designated by the client as stated on the consignment note;
  • For home delivery, after communicating with the recipient or his/her representative, the driver puts the package(s) outdoors and uses alternative methods to confirm correct delivery, making signature of the consignment note redundant;
  • It is not required in any way to have a document signed, on paper or electronically, by the recipient or his/her representative;
  • Unless a complaint is submitted in any way, including electronically, at the latest at the end of the period stipulated in the agreement or in the absence of a contractual provision at 12:00h on the first working day after delivery of the goods, the delivery will be deemed to comply with the agreement.

Impact “Proof of Delivery”:

In summary, this measure means that there is temporarily no obligation to record and/or confirm the collection or delivery of shipments on prescribed documents. This means that from 25 March in most cases there will be no Proof of Delivery available for collections/deliveries in France.

In cases where there is a difference of opinion as to whether a shipment has been delivered, delivery can usually be demonstrated by means of a photo of the delivery or via GPS-data of the truck that delivered the shipment.

We are receiving similar signals from all European countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium, that addressees refuse to sign for receipt. There too, you should take into consideration that a signed consignment note may not be available and therefore also cannot be provided for.

We also repeat our urgent request to you. If you intend to send a shipment anywhere in Europe in the coming weeks, please first check whether the loading and unloading addresses are open for collections and deliveries.

You are therewith doing all stakeholders a huge pleasure and you save yourself high extra costs if it turns out that a shipment cannot be delivered.

In certain cases, we may have to deviate from existing rates, especially if we must deliver smaller volumes to certain areas. It is also possible that lead times cannot always be met.

We rely on your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards, on behalf of the management of the BAS Group

Ton van de Donk

General Manager Operations

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