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Update on the coronavirus – 16 march

Thumbnail Update on the coronavirus – 16 march 16 Mar 2020

Update 16 march 2020

The management of the Bas Group considers it very important to inform you of the most recent coronavirus developments.

All European countries are to a greater or lesser extent affected by outbreaks of the COVID-19 coronavirus and have taken measures. For the time being, transportation of goods may continue, but there are or may be restrictive measures in place that have consequences for the loading or unloading addresses.

Transport capacities are limited. It is therefore of great importance that transport orders hold all necessary and correct instructions. For this reason, we urgently request your cooperation.

When issuing a new order for collection or delivery, we kindly ask you to always check whether the loading and/or unloading address is accessible and whether goods can and may be loaded and/or unloaded. If no problems are expected, we will gladly carry out the transport order for you.

Due to the current circumstances it is possible that transit of your shipment will be longer than usual. We will do everything we can to keep inconvenience to a minimum, but are bound by local, regional and national rules, each of which is different in each country.

Please mark your distribution shipment with the contact details of the delivery address. This will give our distribution partner the opportunity, in case of doubt, to carry out an additional check whether a shipment can and may be delivered.

If it turns out that a delivery cannot be made after all, the shipment will be taken into temporary storage by us. In order to limit the extra costs as much as possible, we will try to temporarily store your shipment in a depot in the region. In that case, you will be charged for the costs of temporary storage and redelivery.

We and our transport partners are happy to carry out your transport orders but bear no responsibility and liability for any delays of your shipment, checking whether or not your shipment can be delivered and any costs that may result out of this.

In the coming weeks, we will work preventively with a minimum office occupancy. For employees that do not work from the office, we have set up home workplaces. For this reason, we may not always respond as quickly as you are used from us. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Yours sincerely, on behalf of the management of the BAS Group

Ton van de Donk
General Manager Operations
+31 (0)76 5027705

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