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Smart Modal Solutions

If your shipment is not urgent, multimodal transport – which involves a number of different modalities (road transport combined with rail or sea transport, for example) – is a good option. Your shipment will take slightly longer to arrive, but your freight costs and CO2 emissions will fall. It’s a smart, affordable and sustainable transport solution.
Smart Modal Solutions

The six advantages of multimodal transport

  1. Transport via rail or short sea is more affordable;
  2. A more sustainable transport option with lower CO2 emissions;
  3. Suitable for FTL and groupage freight;
  4. Higher freight capacity than road transport;
  5. Unobstructed transport when driving restrictions apply;
  6. Very few to no stoppages, so no theft.

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See how much you could save on freight costs

Lower freight costs

The longer the transit time, the lower your freight costs will be. Imagine: you want a pallet of goods to be delivered to an address in Northern Italy tomorrow. We will arrange a truck with two drivers for you, so that they are able to drive to Italy non-stop. This is a fast but expensive solution. If your shipment is less urgent, you might want to consider the positive effect the ‘time’ factor has on freight costs:

  • if delivery the day after tomorrow is fine for you, the use of just one driver will save you money
  • if you are happy with a delivery time of three to four days, groupage transport will reduce costs significantly
  • if you have no objection to a transit time of five days, you will find that rail transport is up to 15% cheaper
  • finally, a transport time of more than five days could save you an additional 15% if your goods are transported by rail
Lower CO2 emissions

Rail and sea transport are both sustainable

If your shipment is less urgent, we will use the extra transport time available to make groupage more efficient and load our trucks as full as possible. We will also combine road transport with rail or sea transport. Rail transport is the most sustainable form of motorised transport. This modality generates lower CO2 and fine particle emissions and has a load capacity of 4,000 kilos more than road transport. So, that’s a win-win situation for you, us and the environment.

Are you wondering what your shipments’ CO2 emissions are? Request information about your CO2 footprint now. Call +31 (0)76 502 77 38 or send us an e-mail.

"Not one single glass bottle broken in 30 years"
My first contact with Ger Bas was in 1989. BAS is an Italy transport specialist and, just like my company, is based in Etten-Leur. This is the ideal combination for me. BAS arranges for pallets of wine to be transported from Southern Italy to the Nether-lands (and stores them too). I’ve been able to rely on BAS for a fast and good level of service for 30 years now. Not one single glass bottle has been broken in all this time.
Salvatore Pellegrino Owner | Wijnimport Pellegrino

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