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When starting their company back in 1986, founders Ger and Janet Bas decided to focus on road transport to Italy. Since then, our wonderful family company has grown to become an all-round logistics service provider with Europe as the area in which it operates. The company might have changed over the years, but its core and our commitment to it are still the same. This is our history:

Italblas founded

Ger and Janet Bas both grow up in transport families. In 1986, they leave Marvo Transport, buy two trucks, start up their own transport company – Italblas – and successfully specialise in road transport to Italy.

The 1990s

Expansion into Southern Europe

In the 1990s, Ger and Janet Bas change their company’s name to BAS Logistics BV. It grows to become a transport specialist on Southern Europe and its new name reflects the company’s current activities better. Italy is joined by France, Spain and Portugal as BAS destinations.


A pioneer in multimodal transport

Back in 1992, Ger and Janet Bas’ road transport company is one of the first to recognise the advantages of combined road, rail and ferry transport. Multimodal transport to countries including Italy, Portugal, UK and Scandinavia develops into a fully-fledged business activity.


Branch opens in Cambiago

Ger and Janet Bas open their first foreign branch in the Italian town of Romentino in 1992. In 2007, they move to the more strategically-located Cambiago, on the A4 from Milan to Venice. BAS Logistica Italia srl has a warehouse and cross dock operation.


Introduction of on-board computers

BAS has on-board computers fitted in all the vehicles in its fleet; initially for hour registration and later also for track & trace and driving-style optimisation. The on-board computers are now linked to various applications, including DigiCMR.


Second generation Bas on board

Lorenzo Bas, Ger and Janet Bas’ son, joins the family company after finishing his course on aviation logistics. BAS Logistics secures its place in the market with regular innovations and its specialisation in the transportation of high value, valuable freight.


Acquisition of Hereijgers Transport Benelux

BAS Logistics sees distribution as a welcome addition to its international transport activities and decides to acquire Hereijgers Benelux Transport BV. In 2007, this groupage specialist has been in business for 80 years and has an excellent reputation and an extensive network in the Benelux.


Branch opens in Slovakia

After many Italian companies move their production to Central and Eastern Europe, BAS opens a branch in the Slovakian city of Bratislava. Since then, Slovakian drivers have been travelling weekly between Slovakia and Italy and sometimes between Slovakia and the Netherlands too.


Relocation from Trecate to Cambiago

BAS Logistica Italia srl moves from Trecate to Cambiago. This new location on the east side of Milan has warehouse and cross docking facilities and better transit opportunities for Southern and Eastern Italy. There are also good rail connections with the ports of Genova and La Spezia.


Relocation to new-build

BAS Logistics and Hereijgers Benelux Transport relocate to the new logistics centre at the Vosdonk industrial estate in Etten-Leur. Its central location and good accessibility make it the ideal base for international transport and Benelux distribution.


Winner of the TLN Entrepreneur Award

BAS Logistics wins the prestigious TLN Entrepreneur Award. Lorenzo Bas receives the prize from Melanie Schultz van Haegen, the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment. BAS is awarded this prize because of its confidence, entrepreneurship, professionalism and results-orientation.


Official transfer of management team responsibilities

Exactly 30 years after starting their transport company, Ger and Janet officially transfer management of the company to Lorenzo Bas (CEO) and Stef Mol (CFO). They become jointly responsible for vision, strategy and business operations. Ger and Janet Bas stay on as advisers.


Second phase of new-build complete

In 2014, we move into a new office and warehouse hall of 7,000 m2 on the Vosdonk industrial estate. Now, four years on, the location has been expanded to include a garage, a truck-and-trailer wash and a second hall (10,000 m2). This more than doubles warehouse capacity.


New warehouse in Roosendaal

When looking for extra storage space for (new) retail customers, we come across brand-new premises in  Roosendaal with a surface area of 20,000 m2 and a storage capacity of 22,000 pallets. We distribute retail goods – on a contract basis – throughout Europe from this location.


Introduction of digital consignment notes

We are one of the first logistics service providers to use the DigiCMR app. This digital replacement of paper consignment notes has major advantages for customers, transporters and recipients. For example, convenience, time savings, a more sustainable approach and the centralisation of transport data.


Development of smart business intelligence (BI) tool

The introduction of BI software provides us with more extensive management information, online and real-time. The BI tool helps us to steer and manage the organisation better and to do our work even faster, more accurately and ‘right first time’ more.


Opening of chemical warehouse

We open a second – PGS15 certified – warehouse in Roosendaal. It is able to store 7,000 pallets of hazardous substances from almost all of the ADR classes. The warehouse (9,000 m2) has five separate compartments for the storage of substances from various ADR classes.


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