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We are responsible for ensuring that your goods are delivered to your customers safely and on time. The NEXTdriver driving-style programme encourages our drivers to drive more safely and efficiently, because of which we avoid damage, fines and delays. Diesel consumption and CO2 emissions fall and your shipments arrive on time and undamaged.
Driving-style analysis

Per day, driver and vehicle group

We use the on-board computers in our trucks to gather various data, including data about driving speed, braking and roll-out behaviour, cruise-control use and running the engine while stationary. This data provides a representative picture of a driver’s driving style and is analysed per day, per driver and per vehicle group.

Driving-style coaching

Raising awareness and targeted coaching

All our drivers receive a driving report via the NEXTdriver app every week and a driving behaviour specialist from NEXTdriver gives each driver personal feedback on his/her driving behaviour every month. We encourage drivers to structurally adjust their driving styles by making them aware of their driving behaviour and giving them targeted and individual coaching.


Fewer fines and (environmental) damage

To motivate drivers even more to drive more safely and efficiently, they are also able to win prizes for special performance via the NEXTdriver app. Drivers can challenge each other to a game of ‘Who can drive most efficiently?’ too. Every year, the three best drivers from the previous year receive a bonus. On average, they jointly generate:

  • a 3% reduction in diesel consumption
  • a 2.5% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • a 5% reduction in fines
  • a 5% reduction in damage
A practical example

An 8% reduction in diesel consumption because of NEXTdriver

Time pressure is often responsible for inefficient driving styles. NEXTdriver teaches drivers to drive more safely and efficiently. Under the supervision of a NEXTdriver coach, one driver was able to change his driving behaviour drastically. In just one year, he reduced the amount of diesel he was using by 8.5% in comparison with the year before. The driver realised that he can save more time by loading and unloading faster than by driving faster.


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