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Freigth forwarding in Europe

What better than to have all your international shipments arranged by the same transport partner? Besides transporting goods to the Benelux, Italy and France, we are pleased to manage all of your shipments within Europe – arranging everything right down to the very last detail. To any European destination. Our partners transport shipments under our direction.
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Austria | Bulgaria | Croatia | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | Germany |  Greece | Hungary | Ireland | Latvia | Lithuania | Malta | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Slovakia | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | United Kingdom

Freight forwarding services

Your transport arranged right down to the very last detail

  • we select a transport company based on the shipment to be delivered and the destination
  • we arrange all your customs documents, including PD and EDGB declarations
  • we can take out goods in transit insurance for you if requested
  • we monitor the status of your international shipments 24/7
  • we carry out daily checks to ensure that shipments are loaded and unloaded on time
  • we proactively inform you of any unforeseen situations that happen en route
  • we monitor compliance with agreements by partners
  • we issue regular reports about our delivery performance
Extra certainty

A member of the FENEX trade association

BAS Logistics is a member of FENEX, the Netherlands Association for Forwarding and Logistics, which means that you can rely on the quality and continuity of our freight forwarding services. If a freight forwarder goes into liquidation, the FENEX guarantee fund compensates you for any financial loss you sustain.


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