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In 2020, we were one of the first logistics service providers to use DigiCMR – a digital consignment note app – for cross-border transports in Benelux countries. Even when transporting smaller groupage shipments. It’s easier, more efficient and more sustainable: for customers, recipients and for us too.
Digital consignment notes

Exactly what is DigiCMR?

The DigiCMR app arranges the administrative processing and invoicing of transports. It gives everyone concerned access to CMRs, packing lists, cargo lists, customs documents and related documents. Depending on their rights, parties will be able to access, edit, complete and/or print documents.

For everyone concerned

The six advantages of DigiCMR

Time and cost savings
Paper documents cost more time and money. Printing, scanning, document management and extensive searches are all a thing of the past when using digital consignment notes.

Centralised data
Transport documents are submitted, exchanged, edited, printed, tracked and signed online in one central location.

Digital transport file
Automatic tracking is used to keep a record of which party makes which changes and results in the creation of a modern digital transport file.

A better insight into the transport chain
Digital advance notifications give recipients a better insight into the transport chain. There are no ‘locked doors’ and no failure costs.

Fast administrative processing
Once a digital signature has been added, the TMS automatically creates a Digi-CMR, which is available to everyone concerned straight away via WebSped.

A sustainable transport process
The DigiCMR app replaces paper CMRs, because of which the parties involved print out and use paper less.

The DigiCMR app in practice

How it works in nine steps

  1. The driver’s tablet contains all relevant shipping data;
  2. DigiCMR sends the recipient a notification with an arrival time;
  3. The driver may take photos of a shipment when he/she delivers it;
  4. The driver uploads any photos he/she has taken and gives the tablet to the recipient;
  5. The recipient checks the details, adds comments and signs digitally;
  6. The recipient enters his/her e-mail address and receives a CMR PDF files straight away;
  7. The DigiCMR app automatically sends the CMR PDF (and photos) to the transport management system (TMS);
  8. The TMS then links it to the order;
  9. The e-CMR is available for everyone concerned immediately via the app.

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