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Developments related to the coronavirus – update 16 November 2020

Thumbnail Developments related to the coronavirus – update 16 November 2020 16 Nov 2020

Dear customer,

The management of the BAS Group considers it very important to inform you of the most recent coronavirus developments.

Although the situation seems less serious than earlier this year, unfortunately we are still experiencing unpleasant consequences from Covid-19 in the current period. The difference with regard to the first wave is that the measures in the various European countries are now more diverse in nature and often organized regionally or even locally.

This changed strategy to combat Covid-19 does mean that it cannot be foreseen whether and where possible delays in the loading or delivery of goods can be expected.

We therefore repeat our urgent request: if you intend to send a shipment anywhere in Europe in the coming weeks, please first check whether the loading and unloading addresses are open for collections and deliveries.

You are therewith doing all stakeholders a huge pleasure and you save yourself high extra costs if it turns out that a shipment cannot be delivered.

In certain cases, we may have to deviate from existing rates, especially if we must deliver smaller volumes to certain areas. It is also possible that lead times cannot always be met.

We rely on your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards, on behalf of the management of the BAS Group

Ton van de Donk
General Manager Operations

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