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Transport to Luxembourg

BAS unit Hereijgers Transport Benelux has been transporting shipments to and distributing them within Luxembourg a minimum of twice a week since 1929. We manage the entire process while our regional partner Mert Logistics delivers shipments. Your customers in Luxembourg can rely on receiving their shipments within 48 hours.
Why chppse Hereijgers

A Luxembourg specialist since 1929

  • national coverage
  • distribution ≥ 2x per week
  • delivered within 48 hours
  • for FTL and LTL/groupage
  • local-level package distribution
  • ADR goods transported
Hereijgers Benelux transport

FTL distribution in Luxembourg

BAS unit Hereijgers Benelux Transport has been transporting shipments to Luxembourg since back in 1929. We use our own drivers and fleet to deliver full trucks (FTL) throughout Luxembourg: from normal to ADR shipments. We arrange the distribution of packages and groupage shipments (LTL) via our Belgian distribution partner Mert Logistics.


Our distribution partner Mert Logistics

Package and LTL/groupage distribution in Luxembourg

At least twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, we deliver package and groupage shipments to your customers in Luxembourg via our distribution partner Mert Logistics. Do you regularly have shipments to be transported to Luxembourg? If so, we are always pleased to schedule extra deliveries for you. On Tuesdays and Fridays, Mert Logistics loads return shipments bound for Belgium and the Netherlands.


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