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Transport to France

Do you need to make deliveries to France or do you import wine and food products from France? With a daily scheduled service, our own French-speaking drivers and a professional partner network, we arrange the distribution of your shipments throughout France: on time, safely and with respect for the unloading agreements made.
Why choose BAS Logistics

A France specialist since 1990

  • daily scheduled service
  • our own transport in the Paris region
  • other regions via partners
  • distribution via Dimotrans
  • under the direction of BAS Logistics
  • for FTL and LTL/groupage
  • ADR goods transported
Our own cheduled service

Road transport to France every day

Our drivers drive up and down to the French regions of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Picardie, Ile-de-France and Rhone-Alpes every day with groupage freight (and full loads). Shipments of up to three pallets that are bound for other French regions are delivered to the hub of our local distribution partner Dimotrans in Goussainville (Paris). We distribute shipments of more than three pallets bound for all other French regions via subcontractors.

Our distribution partner Dimotrans

Distribution throughout France

A daily scheduled service leaves BAS Logistics for the hub of our distribution partner Dimotrans in Goussainville (Paris). Dimotrans distribution drivers deliver our shipments – a maximum of three pallets per shipment – throughout France, with the exception of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Picardie, Ile-de-France and Rhone-Alpes regions. We use our own drivers and trucks to deliver to these regions.


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