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Crossborder E-commerce

Unique VAT advantages and the world port of Rotterdam: the Netherlands can offer you a favourable trading environment for the European distribution of your products. Armed with our total package of logistics services – which include warehousing, Southern European transport, distribution and fulfilment – you are guaranteed safe and affordable B2B and/or B2C deliveries.

Business-to-business deliveries to e-retailers

We provide temporary warehouse and European distributor services for the international producers of consumer articles. Your customers (e-commerce companies) deliberately keep their stocks low. By storing your bulk stock in our warehouse in the Netherlands, you are able to quickly supply your European customers. We distribute the goods required to your customers’ warehouses in countries including Italy, Spain, France and Germany on demand.


Business-to-consumer deliveries

We work with MCS Fulfilment, one of our business partners in the Netherlands, to deliver directly to consumers. Services include order picking, fast 72-hour delivery and returns handling. To facilitate this, we store part of your stock with MCS Fulfilment, a fulfilment specialist with huge purchasing power. This puts you in a position to take full advantage of the favourable price agreements it has with parcel services like DPD, DHL and UPS.

Distribution via the Netherlands

What you stand to gain

An attractive rate of VAT: 21%
VAT is charged at 21% in the Netherlands. If you import goods via Italy or Portugal, you will pay more: 22% and 23% respectively.

VAT rebate per quarter
In the Netherlands, VAT rebates are paid per month or per quarter. In other European countries, you will wait more than one year for a VAT rebate.

Fast turnaround times for shipments
Large cargo ships call at bigger ports like Rotterdam first. Your shipments benefit from faster turnaround times as a result.

Fast fulfilment of customs formalities
The port of Rotterdam fulfils customs formalities quickly, because of which we are often able to unload goods within just six hours of arrival. This takes two to three days in other countries.

VAT, chamber of commerce and account number

Your financial adviser

If you, as a foreign company, decide to outsource the European distribution of your goods to us, we will be pleased to put you in touch with our partner, an experienced Chinese adviser based in the Netherlands, that will be able to offer you a number of important financial services. For example:

  • Requesting a VAT number;
  • Requesting a chamber of commerce number;
  • Opening a bank account;
  • Suggesting a Dutch accountant.
Permit for the reverse-charge mechanism

Your tax representative

If you import goods from non-EU countries, you will pay VAT at the border. However, if you have an Article 23 licence and utilise the reverse-charge mechanism, you will not pay VAT at the border but include it in your VAT return, in which you will deduct the VAT amount in question as an input tax. Unfortunately, foreign companies are not able to apply for this licence themselves but need to have a tax representative in the Netherlands who does this on their behalf. We are more than happy to take on this role for you. Once you have a tax representative, you will not be required to register with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.


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