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If you produce or sell valuable goods, like electronics, there is a real risk of burglary or theft when they are being stored or transported. To protect valuable goods against (transport) crime, our transports are secured in accordance with TAPA TSR 1 and 3 and our warehouse is BORG class 4 protected.
TAPA TSR 1 and 3 certified

Transporting valuable goods

Your theft-sensitive goods are in safe hands with us. In 2012, we became just the second company in the Netherlands and the fourth in Europe to obtain TAPA TSR 1 and 3 certificates (Transport Asset Protection Association). By working in line with the TAPA guidelines, we minimise the risk of theft and your customers receive their goods as expected.

Quality assurance during transport

Technical security measures

Transport security costs money, but theft costs more. A small investment in an extra security package gives you peace of mind and could help you avoid  financial and administrative problems. Our security package consists of the following six security measures:

  • 24/7 communication with truck drivers via satellite
  • Locked trailers and locked doors with driver-personalised locks
  • Sensors connected to truck alarms and an international emergency centre
  • Emergency buttons are directly connected to an international emergency centre
  • A track & trace system for truck monitoring
  • Corridor fencing: to monitor whether the route specified is actually being followed
Quality assurance during transport

Codes of conduct for employees

To discourage criminals, our security package includes a number of technical security measures and also codes of conduct for planners and drivers. They are well-trained in how to avoid, recognise and respond to unsafe situations. A number of measures apply:

  • We optimise the driving behaviour of drivers via NEXTdriver;
  • We check new transport routes for potential safety risks;
  • We double-man trucks to make non-stop transport possible;
  • After loading, we leave for the final destination straight away;
  • We drive fixed routes and monitor them continually online;
  • We only stop at fixed, safe and secure parking areas.
"Our knowledge improves safety"
Other logistics service providers regularly choose us because of our specialisation in goods that require extra attention. We transport expensive electronics to Italy and France in secure trucks for one of these providers. We drive to these two countries every day, so we know them very well, the languages spoken there and local load-ing and unloading conditions. This knowledge and experience helps us keep ship-ments safe
Brigit van Winkel Sales Coordinator | BAS Group
Warehousing for valuable goods

BORG class 4 certified

Besides security transport, we also provide security warehousing. Our four warehouses are BORG class 4 certified: the highest security class. All organisational, structural and electronic measures necessary have been put in place in and around our warehouses to prevent burglary and theft.

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