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Animal food

Are you looking for a logistics partner that stores your animal feed safely and delivers it to your customers on time? Our ISO 22000-certified work processes guarantee you food-safe storage, transport and distribution. This ensures that the quality of your animal feed remains optimal throughout the logistics process.
ISO 22000 certified

Food-safe storage and transport

High requirements are set for the storage, transport and distribution of animal feed because contaminated animal feed is harmful for the health of humans and animals. We comply with all of the requirements that the internationally-recognised ISO 22000 quality system sets for food safety. This means that you can rely on your animal feeds being protected against biological, chemical and physical hazards in our warehouse and en route to their destinations.

People, resources and materials

Six food-safety guarantees

  1. Our own food-safety specialists (planning and warehouse);
  2. Our drivers and loading crews have a good knowledge of ISO 22000;
  3. We have clean, separate storage areas in our four warehouses;
  4. We have our own clean, dry, odour and insect-free trucks;
  5. Mixed-loading prohibitions apply for specific product groups;
  6. Internal and external ISO 22000 audits are carried out on a regular basis.
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