We have been arranging safe and reliable transport to Spain and efficient, extensive distribution throughout Spain since back in the 1990s. Bas: your Spain specialist.

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Transport to Spain

Groupage transport from and to Spain

We are your manager and dedicated contact for all of your transports to Spain. Under our close supervision, our Spanish transport partners transport your LTL or FTL freights (partial or full freights) as a return freight from the Netherlands to Spain a number of times a week. That’s how we keep your costs low. The freight is delivered straight to your customer or via the hub in Madrid or Barcelona: safely, on time and as agreed.

Transport to and distribution in Spain
Shipment size
Transport to and distribution in Spain

Shipments < 3 pallets
To the hub in Madrid or Barcelona
Local distribution by Spanish partners

Shipments > 3 pallets
Straight to the customer (door-to-door delivery)
By Spanish partners

Longer lead time, lower costs
Would you be happy for your shipment to Spain to take a little longer? Are you able to opt for longer transit times for certain shipments or for shipments destined for certain customers? You will be able to reduce your transport costs if the answer to either question is ‘yes’. If allowed extra time, we are able to group your shipments smarter and transport them via less expensive, more sustainable modalities (by rail or sea, for example). The longer the transit time, the lower your transport costs will be.
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Multimodal transport to Spain
Depending on the lead time required and the destination in question (Spain, the Balearics or the Canary Islands), we advise you to transport your goods by boat, train and/or truck. Spain’s location and infrastructure make it an ideal destination for multimodal transport. A total of 75% of freights are transported by road. Thanks to 15,000 kilometres of rail and the seaports of Bilbao and Barcelona, rail and sea transport are efficient and sometimes necessary alternatives.

If you have any questions about transport to Spain, please call +31 (0)76 502 77 38 or send us an e-mail. You can expect a response from us within just 30 minutes!

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Kiest u een langere transittijd? Dan daalt uw vrachttarief. Extra tijd maakt het mogelijk goedkopere, duurzamere modaliteiten in te zetten en zendingen efficiënter te groeperen. Uw vrachtkosten en CO2-uitstoot dalen hierdoor fors.

Smart modal solutions

Quality assurance by the partner network

Quality assurance by the partner network

Our Spanish logistics partners are medium-sized, service-focused family companies like the Bas Group. We are responsible for management and our partners for transport. You profit from competitive prices and the convenience of just one dedicated contact as a result. To safeguard the quality of the services provided, rules about lead times, communication and working methods, etc. are set out in agreements.

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