Do you regularly arrange to have goods transported to or from Slovakia? If so, why not use our regular scheduled service between Etten-Leur and Bratislava for groupage, LTL and FTL?

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Transport to Slovakia

Fixed scheduled service to Bratislava

Your transport to and from Slovakia is in good hands with the Slovakian drivers from our Bratislava branch; they have an in-depth knowledge of the country’s language, regions and customs. When a large number of Italian companies decided to move their production to Slovakia and Romania, we opened our doors in Bratislava: the gateway to Central and Eastern Europe. We have been driving between Slovakia, Italy and the Netherlands on a weekly basis since 2008.

Transport to and distribution in Slovakia
Shipments < 2 pallets:

  • Via a scheduled service to our partner in Bratislava
  • Local distribution by local partners

Shipments > 2 pallets:

  • Straight to the client (door-to-door delivery)
  • By Bas drivers and third parties

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Direct connection between Slovakia and Italy

We transport large quantities of raw materials and other shipments to Slovakia for companies from Italy and the Benelux, which materials then return in the form of a finished product. From our branches in Bratislava, Cambiago and Etten-Leur, we make sure that the many transports that take place in this three-country triangle are delivered on time, correctly and efficiently. Following the example set by our Dutch and Italian hubs, we expect to open our own distribution centre in Slovakia too.

Quality assurance by distribution partners

Quality assurance by distribution partners

Our Slovakian distribution partners are medium-sized, service-focused family companies that work in line with our quality standards. All agreements made, including agreements about delivery times, working methods and methods of communication, are set out in partnership agreements. Our Quality Department regularly assesses the performance of our partners, which enables us to maintain a high level of service.

Distribution partners

Track your shipment via track and trace

Track your shipment via track and trace

You can rely on us to deliver your shipment as agreed. If not, we will notify you of any problems that have arisen straight away. You can also quickly and easily check the status of your shipments yourself via track and trace, where you will also be able to view expected and actual delivery times and signed proofs of delivery.

Log into track and trace

Driver+ for safe deliveries that arrive on time

Driver+ for safe deliveries that arrive on time

Safe deliveries that arrive on time. This is one of the things that you expect from your transport company. We use Driver+ to encourage our drivers to optimise their driving styles by driving safer, damage-free and in a way that improves fuel economy, partly because of which you are able to rely on excellent delivery reliability.

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