Do you regularly ship goods to Italy? If so, why not use our daily scheduled service or opt for combined road-rail transport? Both are cheaper and more sustainable than other options.

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Transport to Italy

 Italy groupage specialist since 1986

You need an Italy specialist for your transports to Italy, a transport partner who is familiar with Italian rules, culture and geography. Every day, trucks loaded with groupage freight leave Etten-Leur for Italy, Malta, Sicily and Sardinia. If your shipment is not urgent, why not opt for Smart Modal Solutions instead of our scheduled service? This involves the use of multimodal transport with a longer transit time and lower costs.

Transport to and distribution in Italy
Shipment size Transport to and distribution in Italy Shipments ≤ 2 pallets:

  • Via scheduled service to the hub in Milan
  • Local distribution by One Express partners

Shipments > 2 pallets:

  • Straight to the customer (door-to-door delivery)
  • Using Bas drivers and Bas equipment

Longer transit time, lower costs 
Are you happy for your shipment to take three days or more to reach its destination? This extra time allows us to group shipments smarter and transport them more cheaply via combined road-rail transport. The longer the transit time, the lower your freight costs will be. We expect to be transporting 80% of our volume to Italy by rail in 2020.

Rail transport to Italy every day
Rail transport to Italy is a slower, but cheaper and more sustainable alternative to road transport. We transport your shipments in transport containers or Huckepack trailers via our daily Rotterdam-Busto train connection. Our Bas Logistica and Hereijgers Benelux Transport business units are responsible for collection and delivery.

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Kiest u een langere transittijd? Dan daalt uw vrachttarief. Extra tijd maakt het mogelijk goedkopere, duurzamere modaliteiten in te zetten en zendingen efficiënter te groeperen. Uw vrachtkosten en CO2-uitstoot dalen hierdoor fors.

Smart modal solutions

The One Express distribution network

The One Express distribution network

As a member of the Italian One Express distribution network, we deliver shipments of up to two pallets to the One Express hub in Milan. We also collect return shipments for the Netherlands here. Our One Express partners are local distribution specialists that deliver your goods safely and as agreed.

Cooperation partners

Follow shipments via track and track

Follow shipments via track and track

You can rely on us to deliver your shipment as agreed. We'll let you know if this is not possible. You can also follow your shipment using our track and trace system, where you can see (expected and actual) lead times and proofs of delivery.

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