The Netherlands

Your goods will be delivered safely within 24 hours. If there are any problems, we will contact you straight away to let you know. Don’t worry if you have a last-minute shipment or change; we are never far away.

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Distribution in The Netherlands (b2b)

Twenty-four-hour delivery to companies

Bas unit Hereijgers Benelux Transport has specialised in distribution in the Netherlands since 1929. Our distribution activities in the Netherlands focus solely on companies. Shipments consist of a minimum of two boxes and arrive at their destinations within 24 hours. Our 35 distribution drivers deliver mainly to Zeeland and West-Brabant; in the other regions, we deliver via six fixed DistriXL partners. We use the services of DPD for the delivery of individual boxes.

Schedule for 24-hour distribution in the Netherlands
Shipment collected (by us)
Shipment delivered (by you)

Day A
Shipment notification before 15.00 hours
Shipment notification before 15.00 hours

Day B
Shipment collected and then sorted and grouped in the Etten-Leur cross dock
Shipment delivered to the Etten-Leur cross dock between 08.00 and 17.00 hours

Day C
Shipment delivered
Shipment delivered

Bas loads and unloads shipments on-site
Your company might be situated in the centre of a town or city or in a rural area. Our manoeuvrable trucks enable us to access any premises and unload shipments wherever you are: quickly, safely and easily. This is possible because each of our trucks is equipped with an electric pallet truck (EPT) and automatic loading and unloading ramp.

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Regional fine-distribution with DistriXL

Regional fine-distribution with DistriXL

Because Bas is a member of DistriXL, you benefit from high drop-density, competitive prices and flexible service. Five nights a week, seven regional specialists exchange groupage shipments ranging in size from two boxes to two pallets. The next day, they deliver our shipments in their regions, while we deliver theirs in Zeeland and West-Brabant (postcodes 4399-4899) and Belgium.

Cooperation partners

Uniek driver+ programma voor onze chauffeurs

Het doel van ons programma Driver+ is u te verzekeren dat goederen veilig en op tijd aankomen. Via rijstijlanalyses stimuleren we chauffeurs efficiënter te rijden. Hierdoor kunt u rekenen op een uitstekende leverbetrouwbaarheid.